ZEN Shape™


ZEN_SHAPE_300px (1)ZEN Shape™

Featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the most effective ingredients on the market, African mango seed extract has been turning heads internationally. Meticulously developed, ZEN Shape™ was made to to help you reach your fitness and wellness goals. A vital part of the ZEN BODI™ System.

SIZE 120 capsules per bottle, 1 month supply.


The human body is complex. It takes several mechanisms working together to keep you fit and healthy, which means a multi-functional approach is necessary. ZEN BODI™ is a targeted, holistic approach to weight management. ZEN BODI™ opens the path to health—delivering what you want most: results.†



  • Helps maintain already healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Helps maintain already healthy cholesterol levels*
  • † When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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